Premiere of Taste

The tempo of life is increasing. Fast food, fast fashion: these concepts are a clear reflection of contemporary consumer trends. It’s a world without sacred cows, and even premium products need to be adapted to suit modern audiences, their attitudes and current communication channels. Our brief was to bring the exclusive premium label of the Magnit store chain in line with the idea of ‘fast-luxury’. The Premier of Taste brand conveys the message of a dynamic, exclusive range of selected imported goods spanning various categories. The concept strives to maintain consistency across hundreds of SKUs, without compromising the flexibility needed to deliver the values of respective products. The hare was chosen to embody the pace of fast-moving consumer goods, its long-held associations with heraldry exuding luxury and refinement. The visual system interacts with the product categories, creating a vibrant, dynamic range. It enabled us to put together an out-of-the-box private label with a u