Modern and Unique Business Website Design and Development with great UX/UI and SEO

** Please contact us before placing the order to discuss your requirements and how we can help your business scale. Our “Modern and Unique business website” provides you a business that stands out from the crowd, leads the industry, and connects with potential customers right from the start. The Complete Studio is a multi-disciplinary, independently-owned design studio. The work encompasses graphics, brand identity, websites, digital experiences, marketing, and advertising. Unique design and creative storytelling fused with passion, confidence, and personal commitment is not only the conviction but is also demonstrated by a portfolio that spans multiple industries, and clients of every size. This is our package for Modern and Unique Business Website Design and Development with great UX/UI and SEO. We believe good design shapes the digital world and the brands who invest in it will have the greatest opportunity to make their mark. Unique User experience, great device optimization and amazing UX/UI speak as much as our products or services do. 🎁 This package includes: ✔️ Custom business website with bespoke design ✔️ Business and Design Consultation ✔️ Custom Website design and development with 5 pages and amazing visuals and great UX/UI ✔️ Responsive and optimized Design ✔️ E-commerce Integration ✔️ Unique user experience with modern yet classy Aesthetics ✔️ Website optimization for SEO, speed, and conversions ✔️ Search Engine Optimization ✔️ Easy to re-use (pre-designed) templates for future updates ✔️ Social media, Google Maps, and Google Analytics Integration and Setup ✔️ Contact Forms, Email Subscriptions Forms (MailChimp, etc) Integration and Setup ✔️ Accessible CMS ✔️ An easy-to-use interface ✔️ Call-To-Action buttons ✔️ A friendly designer you can trust 24/7 ✔️ Technical Support ✔️ 12-month guarantee ✔️ Monthly Maintenance and Updates (Billed Monthly) 🎁 Delivery Time: A single project mostly takes 4 days to 1 month depending on the requirements and business niche. Just drop us a message to discuss your requirements and we’ll inform you of the timeframe before kicking off the project. 🎁 Our Workflow: We follow a seven-step process. ✔️ Step one, Analysis. The first step is all about identifying your website goals, purpose, and targeted audience. ✔️ Step two, Planning. Planning includes your website structure, the technology used, and branding design ✔️ Step three, Design. Not only do we focus on UX UI but also on the usability and overall interface for the best possible user experience. ✔️ Step four, Content. A very important part of the process is choosing the right messaging, photos, and videos – all optimized for search engines. ✔️ Step five, Development. Here we actually create the website using the latest technology ensuring greater speed, conversions, and mobile optimization. ✔️ Step six, Testing. We test all the technical features including browser compatibility, usability, Integrations like email and Google Analytics, and even ask the most important question does the website really fulfill its purpose? ✔️ Step seven, Deployment. After we launch the site we always monitor what’s happening and if you want we can also manage future maintenance and updates for you. We can also register and help you in registering, transferring, or setting up your web-hosting, domain name, email, and SSL certificate. Check out our website to learn more about our services, process and please do not forget to explore the FAQs below. 🎁 FAQs Q. What type of websites do you design? A. We design all kinds of websites including custom websites, eCommerce websites, WordPress websites, Shopify websites, Wix websites, and Webflow Websites. Q. How do we get started and how long does it take? A. 1. Drop us a message to discuss your project details. 2. After we receive your requirements, we will send you the quote with the timeframe, the cost for the project, and the steps ahead. 3. Once the quote is approved, the payment is completed. 4. Upon completion of the invoice, we will set up communication channels and kick off our project. Most design & development projects take between 7 days – 2 months. This will completely depend on the scope of work. Want to see how long your project will take? Request a quote and let’s discuss your project. Q. What size budget do you typically work with? A. We typically work with clients within the following project brackets: 1k-5k 5-10k 10k-25k 25k-50k 50k-100k ‍ Q. How do I figure how much a website will cost? A. Here are some things to consider while creating an estimate of your project: 1. Pages you want on your website 2. Websites you like – their functionality, aesthetics, and branding 3. Do you also need a logo design, branding design, and copywriting? 4. API Integrations needed. Eg: Google Analytics, Social Media Feed, Bookings, Payments, etc. 5. Do you think anything within your build may require extra development time? Q. Can I manage my website myself and Do you provide web design training? A. Yes, if you have the basic knowledge of design you’ll be able to manage and update your website yourself. I can also provide you training in web design. Just contact me to learn more. Q. How does maintenance work? Do you do retainers? A. Yes, we definitely help our clients manage and update their websites. Our monthly maintenance and update plans start at just 199/month. Contact us for more details.