Reflexdesign x Seesaw coffee 2021 New Year’s gift super-null elastic table tennis

Table tennis, China’s “national ball”, is a global popular indoor confrontation sport that combines skills, strength and speed. In the post-epidemic period, table tennis has enough reasons to become the protagonist of indoor sports: one person smashes the ball, cultivates concentration, and maintains patience; hits against the wall, meets the strong, and challenges the better one; two-person confrontation, 2.74 meters long, The 1.525-meter wide table still guarantees an effective safety distance under fierce confrontation. The most important thing is that the continuous hitting action of ping-pong-pong helps to vent emotions. We boldly speculate that perhaps table tennis is a must-have and an indispensable ideal sport for large householders. 1 mini racket, 6 custom ping pong balls, some of which are equipped with hidden easter eggs that “you can’t eat without playing”. The gift box also comes with a designer’s office version of the ping-pong guide, and a wonderful blessing card that brings together the creativity of all the company’s employees. The super-null elastic table tennis represents our heart. I hope everyone can show their fists and kicks in 2021, and explode the super ability of “bull” to turn the world and leap forward!