Halloween ghost candle holder, ghost ceramic candle holder, ceramic candlestick ornaments, handmade candle holder, home decorations

This is a candle base. Not a mold All silicone molds, acrylic molds, and stainless steel molds are recyclable. —Size please see the picture —Note To avoid misunderstandings, please note: this product has a random color. The color difference does not affect the use. Depending on the type of mold, there may be cuts for free extraction of finished product graphics. Please understand that this is not a defect, it is a necessity. Due to the specific geometry, some dies do not need to be cut. Without these cuts, you will not be able to remove the finished product. In order to use the mold correctly, you must: 1. Place the mold on a flat horizontal surface. 2. Fix the joint with rubber band or tape. 3. Make sure all cutting joints are in place. It is important to ensure the correct locking pressure. (not too weak or too strong) 4. If the finished product has joints, it must be polished. 5. If these simple rules are not followed, good results will not be obtained when using the mold. —Shipment Normal standing delivery time takes about: U.S. – 11-16 Working day U.K. – 10-14 Working day Canada – 12-17 Working day European Union countries – 10-17 Working day Australia – 13-18 Working day South Africa – 12-20 Working day Japan – 5-21 Working day Other countries – 12-20 Working day Express delivery time take about: 5-9 Working day The logistics times mentioned above are all estimated. Just as a reference. If you need to receive your package at a specific time. Please inform in advance. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that the package will arrive on time. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation. Enjoy life! ! Yanni All dimensions are manually measured by humans, there may be an error of 3~6mm, thanks for your support