Waldo Brand Identity

We knew Waldo could be a stand out brand. To help them compete in a crowded market we developed an identity to take them away from the clinical. Contact lenses are part of the wearers everyday, so we created a brand that celebrates this. From the little moments to the life-changing events, it’s more than getting the product to the door, it’s about being part of their life. Waldo is rooted in positivity. The possibilities lenses bring, not the negativity of less than perfect sight. We wanted to show that vision is at the heart of Waldo, so we turned the ‘A’ into an eye. Now wherever Waldo goes this message is in sight. Add a new website, bold packaging and fresh ad campaigns – with optimistic and original messaging at every touch point – and the future looks bright for Waldo. We’ve been with them as they built their brand in the UK, we’re helping them crack the US, and we’re excited to see what happens next.