Nagami – Visual Brand

Nagami 2019 Nagami is a Japanese cosmetic importer brand. Foxes symbolize the ability to overcome challenges and dominate the mind, as well as femininity, sexuality and wisdom. Foxes are small mammals known for their characteristic traits, such as raised ears, thick tails and cunning personalities. In Japan, the fox is still a symbol of fertility. The red fox is the companion of Inari – Shinto deity of abundance, of food. This way, Japanese merchants have a fox in their stores to protect their business. A symbol is the mirror that reflects the culture of a people. More so, if this is an animal. There are so many stories and mythologies created during all these peoples to this day. A beautiful and solitary animal, the fox epitomizes the ambivalence of human consciousness. Due to their hunting method, foxes are also known for their cunning and cleverness.