Wanhua World Special Feature WAN der LAND

This is a special compilation of the exhibition “Wanhua World WAN der LAND”. Through text and images, it conveys the context behind the creation of food and the contents of the inspection that are difficult to fully express on the exhibition hall. At the same time, it is also a practical manual of Wanhua. Through the sharing of keywords with local residents, we can find an index for understanding and in-depth exploration of Wanhua. Design concept keywords: religious belief, life and death view, earthiness, elegance, and compressed time and space. After receiving a large amount of content information and materials, we have this understanding of Wanhua: “Wanhua is like the universe (society) A region that operates independently has its own gravitational force.” Therefore, we tried to establish a sense of time and space on a two-dimensional paper. The inner pages of the whole book are divided into six areas with different colors, and golden ink, which symbolizes the ancient and modern culture of Wanhua, is used throughout the book, so that each chapter maintains its unique personality and at the same time ensures the overall law.