Muassel hookah tobacco

Muassel hookah tobacco is made in Russia in Perm. The name Muassel has Arabic roots, and it means “Honey”. The word ” Muassel” is used for naming a wet tobacco mixture for a hookah, soaked in honey syrup and aromatic ingredients. In other words – what a hookah smoker puts in a bowl is Muassel. Here, just like in old recipes, honey syrup is contained and it gives the hookah tobacco a special softness and does not cause a sore throat. A blend of Virginia tobacco leaves is used in the production, which have a mild taste and a sufficient sense of strength. The tobacco leaf, peeled from the middle vein, goes through the process of high-temperature cooking with honey syrup, as a result of which the pores of the tobacco open. After this treatment, the tobacco becomes soft and rich in bright flavors.