Galio / Foreseeing tomorrow of real estate

ABOUT PROJECT Galio Group (previously M.M.M. projects) is an international real estate development and management company, founded under the umbrella of “Vilniaus prekyba” – the biggest retail trade group in the Baltics. After almost a decade and a half of forward-looking o ce building development, it decided to implement its expertise in the residential building sector. Hence a strategic brand identity renewal was needed, designed to attract a new client segment. CLIENT NEEDS Galio Group’s vision is to become a number one real estate choice among first home owners. The underlying challenge was to create a brand that would both convey the emotional qualities of starting a new life chapter for its residential clients, as well as to keep a professional look, appealing to a more formal, commercial property clientele. DESIGN VALUE Galio Group’s value lies in creating forward-looking spaces for a better living, be it home or workplace — each is treated with equal care and detail. To