Type Directors Club (TDC) 67 Call for Entries Campaign

Type Directors Club (TDC) 67 Call for Entires Campaign The Type Directors Club is the worlds leading global typographic organization. It holds an annual international design competition that celebrates the World’s Best Typography. The international judging panel consists some of the most revered names in the world of graphic design and typography. The 2020 Type Directors Club 67 brand campaign is rooted in the simple idea of connecting. The way we connect with our work, and work of others we admire. The connections we have with typography, and most importantly the connections we have to each other. To that end we’ve developed a system, and a funky custom geometric sans serif with letter-forms that embrace each other in all sorts of interesting quirky ways. Some of the connections are natural and obvious, while others are a little bit odd and uncomfortable. Just as our relationships are in real life.