Cabin Modules / IR arquitectura

We will stand at an intermediate point of all the pairs of topics. From the reflection on the extremes, a cabin is defined by the position of 5 modules that solve the basic functions. The space between modules will be closed with a laminar element that will respond to climatic requirements. The modules functions will be: STORE, DRESS, COOK, HEAT, REST. They will have the technology embedded, in all cases they will have thermal and waterproof coating. They will incorporate a solar heating water system, a solar kitchen, a trombe wall, and “moser” solar lamps. All the components will be manufactured on site, and may have different levels of prefabrication. The latter will be defined in dialogue with the organizers during the month of developing proposals. After the summer camp, the skin is dismantled, the volumes are compacted and a truck is loaded for its next location.