Mosfellsbær Preperatory High School / A2F arkitektar

The first phase of FMOS, the new Upper Secondary School in Mosfellsbaer, provides space for up to 500 pupils. The building is intertwined with the landscape on the narrow plot, the diagonal lines of the building refer to the hills in the surroundings and one of the roofs turns into a green ramp to walk about on. Mosfellsbær is a town of approximately 9.000 inhabitants, situated 15 kilometers east of Reykjavik. It is the hometown of Iceland’s noble prize winner, writer Halldór Laxnes, from whom inspiration is sought: ”… and flowers grow on the roof”* – the landscape becomes the building which becomes landscape… The 12.000 sqm plot of the school is situated close to the town center and along Highway nr. 1, which lies through Mosfellsbær. This influences the shape and choice of material of the building, aiming to minimize sound emission.