LEAMO: #THEPERFECTDRINK The idea was to create a sleek, pure and clean design. We wanted the colors to be the thing that “pops” for our customers. The most difficult thing that we had to do was to have and only have the most important elements of the brand on the packaging. The goal was to get rid of all the embellishment, of everything that was unecessary to keep what mattered the most for Leamo : an organic beverage that is nothing more that what it’s appears to be. My Inspiration comes from a Berliner spirit and from the minimalist Swiss graphics. As the packaging is as well a glass bottle you can see the drink and we worked so the color of the drink and the color of the label could match and create a sense of unity. – Client: Alterfood Design: Thibault Savoyen (Pölar) Photography: Eva Iova