Small House / Alejandro Soffia

Within the Chilean 18-O
After the social crisis unleashed on October 18, 2019, the reasons for this conflict have been gradually clarified. This process of decanting ideas is essential to be able to program short, medium and long term solutions that improve the inequalities with which the vast majority of the Chilean population is affected. However, these solutions have unfortunately not yet arrived. What has happened is that some of the basal problems of Chilean society have been named. And this, fortunately, makes it impossible for the national elite to ignore these demands. However, the meanness of the “ruling class” has applied a varnish to these problems by imposing hierarchies and therefore an arbitrary order for their solution. For me, this means an evasion of the responsibilities of the State in relation to the people, so I believe that there should be no hierarchies but that all problems must be named and all must begin to be solved at the same time, with different tasks and deadlines, not some before others.