Turn your car into a racing machine! Nyoom enables you to replace your car’s engine sound with those provided by the application to improve driving experience. Application reads your current RPM’s and adjusts the streaming sound to its values. Accelerate and feel like in an old American muscle car or a spaceship. With application you get: • A few different engine sounds – from classic cars through weird sci-fi noises up to funny cartoons • Modern and extremely good-looking user interface • Embedded music player What do you need: • A car.  • Mobile phone with Windows Phone 8 • Bluetooth OBD II adapter based on ELM327 interface standard Connect your phone to car’s audio system for better sound experience. Open your windows, drive slowly through a parking lot in your rational, city car and watch people’s faces when they hear a real horsepower hidden under your mask! Don’t you have the obd adapter yet? Don’t worry! You can download the application and test it without using one. At the manual connection screen just press SKIP button and observe how the application looks like and test its functionality.