SEVEN – Diversities of Human Behaviour

The project reflects seven diversities of human behaviour and their effect on state of our soul and mind. They have only one important common feature – Sin. Human body is a figure; more precisely a material of a figure and it cannot have a definite face. Therefore, in my works, human identity is generalised, but it does not mean that it lacks from soul, because each state and action is individual. So, the sin is represented not as a behaviour but as a state of human’s spiritual world and mental chemistry – only the outlines are visualised in an erased space. Both, conscious and subconscious states of mind are presented in the project through thorough observation of verbal information as well as physiologic and emotional states of humans. A human may be in one of the seven definite states before consciously committing a sin, in the process and after the act. Each act causes an inner personal conflict, which in its first stage affects the spiritual and then the physical disorganisation. All the above mentioned gives the works a status: shadow a person, which with the presence of light becomes an insupportable part of a human. Identification of the owner and pairing becomes possible with the visual contact between the work and the viewer.