Posters Design

The Black Keys “Hangout Music Festival” Poster
Raur Fest 2016 (Poster)
Best Film Posters : Pruša Lucia Elena, Workshop
The Paper Kites Germany 2016
THE BIG ISSUE Magazine January issue 58 issue
“The Godfather” (1972) – Francis Ford Coppola
Rocky film poster.
BIRDS OF GHANA // DALI HBIBI by Fabrice Vrigny
365-004 – Einfach Fotografie
Baugasm by Vasjen Katro: One Poster a Day for 365 Days
Solo Movie Posters are a Typographic Treat
For Art’s Sake
Coal – The Crows
JAGDA Newcomer Award
BLADE RUNNER 2049 – POSTER by Ash Thorp
The Wolf of Wall Street by polardesigns
Black and White Graphic Design Poster
Medium complexity system | EC San Martín
Layout of the Interspersed Design Applications
US one sheet for Iris (Albert Maysles, USA, 2014).
Captain Marvel (2019)
Vestibular 2018
Easy Mind – Precion
Phase Eight Poster Series
Funny Story Movie Poster
There’s Only One
New Poster and Trailer for Red Sparrow Starring Jennifer Lawrence
Fight Club by Aykut Aydoğdu
Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Cody Bond
Ternal Sunshine of The Spotless mind – Poster Illustration
Identity | Orale Manito by The Negra
Studio Geissbühler, Zurich Schauspielhaus poster
The VVitch by Miki Edge
Snowboard Posters & T-Shirt print
Panenka 64 – June 2017 : Marek Hamsik
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me by Robert Sammelin
Nike Bounce to this Campaign: By Bureau Borsche
Exhibitions Identity – The Graphicals
Alien: Covenant
A Place Beyond The Pines (2012)
Food Spaces – France, 2017
Monotales – Switzerland
ON-TYPE Texte zur Typografie, Poster by Marcel Haüsler
The not at all secret tuesday club, poster submitted and designed by Rick Raby
Citadel, poster designed by Studio KXX (2013)
Typography / creative process study by Michael Söderqvist-Waag
42×60 – Artistic Poster Workshop by Marcelo Batista de Oliveira
Châtelet Musical Theater of Paris
Westworld key art explorations by David Irlanda
Minuit Studio – Graphic Studio: Theater Posters
Ambition official poster
True Romance / OddCity Entertainment
The Diva • Annecy Italian Film Festival 2017
APOCALYPSE NOW / Vector Movie Posters
BLADE RUNNER / Vector Movie Posters
RAGING BULL / Vector Movie Posters