Logo design

Whale Logo Design with Golden Ratio
Dragon by Pavel Maximov
Brand marque for commercial property rental company, 2015
Mon avocat – Brand design
The Pancakes & Booze Art Show 2017 Identity
Gray Wolf Games – Logo by Jord Riekwel
J2 by George Bokhua
Logo design by Mijat12 for UNTD
MM : Magnus Moan by Michael Spitz
Deer Logo by Rose Liang
Behance Logo Animation by Eduard Mykhailov
Play by Jiri Adamek
1<3 by George Bokhua
Attach Logo Design by Paulius Kairevicius
Exploring Opera Logo Animation by Ramotion
Discount Logotype by Paulius Kairevicius
Logo design / Identity for @mindframecinema
IBEX – Logo Design
Logo design for The Creator Store
The Dynamite Crew by buddymontana
Uber Logo Animation by Nicolas Girard
Golden ratio logo by Andrew Becker
Bandini Videos logo design
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for IBM iX done In-house
W³ Logo (Personal Branding) by Callum Watson
Bravura  by Bratus ™
Casa do Design – Identity
Alloy: Logo animation. by Wanda Arca
Q Med by Ovidiu Sebastian Pop
Clue by Leo Mühlfeld
Aroha Silhouettes Jewelry // Logo Development
Angry Panda by Jhon Ivan
Gravity Logo by Sophinie Som 🍵
SS by Michael Spitz
50th Anniversary Logo
New alphabet prints feature band logos instead of letters
b by Kakha Kakhadzen
The story of the Tour de France logo
Logo Alphabet / Logofolio
#logotix from @kribbox – Beard
Exercise logo by Dimitrije Mikovic
Ocean by alish_b
Adventure Logo by Jay Darcy
P+C by A11 Designs
BuyDig Logo by Miki Stefanoski
Animals Marks & Badges
Laf&Co Logo design
nyMusikk — Identity
Hare Logo Concept by Sean Farrell
Cat and Dog Logo Design
Circled the H
Royal logo design
Lazy g Logo design
Smiling Dog by Evgeny Petlev
Negative Space Dog & Cat by Alfrey Davilla
WM by Ade Imronn
CD Monogram by Aditya Chhatrala
Lion Mark by Luky Triohandoko
Logo Animation – LSTN Podcast App