Concepts & Illustrations

An illustration for the school’s fanzine
“Notice of exhibition (advertisement of Exhibition)”
I am frequency
Spooky Squirrel Skull by Katya Austin
Notebook Tamyras
“Wake up, Dolores” fanart by David M. Buisán
Adobe InDesign CC 2018 splash screen artwork
The patient who changed my life
Black Shag Bird Watercolor Illustration
“WIELCY ODKRYWCY” book illustrations
CARDS – Cozy Tomato for Lagom
Ukita Hinawa: Possession by andbloom
Estrella Damm World Padel Tour
Hibiki Suntory Whisky Artwork & CG
New York City
Find the BEAUTY in everyday
Ride Fast or Die
Tempus Fugit
Atomic Blonde by Pedro Moya González
Surreal Illustration Fuse Gorgeous Technique with What Lives in Our Head
Siberian Character by Ivan Belikov
Masterminds by Neil V Fernando
Vasya Kolotusha illustration & led lights
The Fifth Element Action Game
Tribe, Piotr Jabłoński
Cracked Inside(low/high poly illustration) step by step
Selamta Magazine
The Sea Illustration by Jenny Yu
Steph Chef Curry Edit by Gilbert Thole
Oscar Bait 2016 (Part Two)
Tribe_  Illustration
Affiche Chenil #15 – Brulex / Illustration & Comics
Fox, Alexandra Ink
Juicy Illustrations
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Where Ideas Grow | Editorial Illustration
Língua Franca – Álbum
The Sentinels
Cosmo-Morfo by Eduardo Pena
a.n.g.e.l. by  Agu Szwarc
Basebrawl cap ⚾️⛑
Antares by zacky7avenged
Chappie by NellMcGooffin
De profondis by Aeon-Lux
Egypt gods
Punks not dead!
Let the Right One In, by Matt Ryan Tobin
Fantasy Lights Reindeers
To the world of design are the first, starting from the Taipei MRT!
NewScientist – Cover Illustration
Secret Life of Pets Stylized Art and Product Graphics
Score! Hero
Reading Rocket Ship by qetza
Alimenta tu Tumblr: Sara Andreasson
Spot illustration for British Airways inflight magazine Highlife SA
Digital Decade III – RAWr (by Mart Biemans)
Outta Space Blessings